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Outdoors Equipment

IMG 0932 Pan Test - CopyThe “Rat River Adventurer” titanium portable wood burning stove.

For those who enjoy the outdoors. For the adventurous, the hard core professional outdoors person, the survivalist. And for anyone who enjoys nature.


How to put it together.

The stove is made in three major sub-assemblies or modules stacked on top of one another: the base & legs module, the walls module and the top module.

In the packed configuration for transport, the walls are folded inwards on vertical pivot points to reduce the size of the stove. The wall module is placed at the bottom of the stack, the base sub-assembly is placed on top of the wall module, and the top sub-assembly of the stove is at the top of the packed stack also.

Place stove on a surface with the top side on top, the stack opening farthest from the body, the end opposite the stack body closest to the body.

IMG 0993 Happy Fire - CopyGrab the top module and flip it up-side-down towards the right-hand-side like you would a book cover.

Grab the base module and flip it towards the left-hand-side like you would a book cover. The base is now right-side-up. The walls module is in the center in front of you, the top is up-side-down on the right hand side.

Grab the right hand side edge of the topmost panel of the wall module with your left hand. Grab the top subassembly with your right hand. Lift the panel in your left hand, the wall subassembly opens up and deploys. Move your right hand as needed to follow the movements of the left hand.

Install the deployed walls onto the base. Make sure the walls fit between the seal lips around the base on all four sides.

Place the top module over the walls in the correct position. Make sure the walls fit between the seal lips around the top on all four sides.

Slide the front wall latch towards the left. Lock the four draw latches, two on the left wall, two on the right wall, two at the top, two at the bottom. The firebox is now one piece.

Lift the assembled firebox and let the legs deploy. The legs open sideways to increase the stance thus making the firebox steadier on its feet.

Place the stove in the designated place and position. Drive spikes though the holes provided on the leg pads to anchor the firebox to the planet.

Install the stack and ready yourself to build a fire. To attach the stack, align the insertion slots with the lock wires, push down and twist.

To open the feed door, move the lever clockwise to the open position. To latch the door in place, move the lever from the open position to the closed position.

For disassembly run the instructions in reverse. Clean the stove prior to packing.

For packing, place the door lever in closed position. The door wall is tucked inside the left wall, the rear wall tucks inside the right wall.


IMG 4836 Survival Carry BagFeatures.

The "Rat River Adventurer" stove is fitted with a range of safety and convenience features.

Latches around the assembled stove prevent spillage of burning contents in case of accidental rolling of the stove.

Seal lips around the top and bottom of the walls prevent flames from leaking out. They also help control air leaking in. The user is welcome to add fireproof gaskets inside the seal channels, but this may require readjustment of the draw latches.

The feed door is at one end thus allowing for 16” long logs to be fed in. The door opens downwards so it stays open when required.

Combustion air is controlled by a convenient easy to set daisy wheel.

The door closes with a double latch operated by a single external lever. The door is fitted with a fireproof gasket around two sides and top.

The legs are rated for 40 Lb weight. Even though they were tested to provide a safety factor of 3.5 we do not recommend to exceed 40 Lb. That should be sufficient to hold 20 Lb of wood, the stove weight as well as cookware and their contents. Do not sit on the stove.

The stove can run on 4” standard heating and ventilation ducts used as stack. An adapter piece clicks to the stove for safety. The adapter piece is available separately. Stacks, spark arrestor, wind caps, snow-melt-hot water tanks and dampers are also available separately.

Durable cordura bags are available separately for protection and to store the sooty stove after use. Bags have convenient pockets to store matches and other supplies.




Weight:                                          7-3/4 Lb

Dimensions when packed:              4”H x 12”W x 18”L.

Dimensions of firebox:                    12”H x 12”W x 18”L.

Dimensions when deployed:          16”H x 12”W x 18”L.

Genfabco Ltd titanium tent heating and cooking stoves are remarkable lightweight and portable. It can be deployed from its carrying case in under a minute. There are no loose parts, no small screws-bars-nuts-bolts, and no tools to contend with. Deploy and build a fire.


These stoves made in Canada are superbly crafted, durable, easy to put together every time a fire is needed. 


Holiday package deal Cad $1,150.00 (USD $879.00) "Survival" kit complete with modular stove, efficiency baffle, cool bottom, vivid color cordura carrying bag or attachable to back pack, adapter to connect to your existing stack gear. "Hunter" kit with camo bag; DLx kit with glass door, other kits, other materials, other colors, many options and multiple accessories available. Please call or email for details

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