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  High quality
  Fast delivery
  Competitive pricing
   Prompt response on inquires and
  Full traceability for quality control
  Non Destructive Testing
  Automatic and semi-automatic welding
  Technical and engineering support
  Precision CNC machining


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Our History

Genfabco Ltd. had very humble beginnings. Back in 2002, two men with much experience and a vision to offer high quality titanium fabrications, fast deliveries and competitive prices founded the company in a small building.

The company is certified to build ASME Sec. 8 Div. 1 pressure vessels, ASME B31.1 Power Piping and SME B31.3 Process Piping. Our core business continues to be titanium fabrications. Many other high performance alloys are also common on our shop floor in a separate bay. Quality Assurance is second to none, served by Level 3 certified inspectors.

The company has since moved four times as it outgrows every new building it moves into. Genfabco Ltd. today operates a 25,000 ft facility. Two clean bays allow keeping titanium and tantalum away from high end nickel alloys thus avoiding cross-contamination. Four 15 and 20 ton overhead cranes provide the two bays with both flexibility and lifting power. A variety of automatic pipe and vessel handling equipment supports up to 4 stations providing GTAW, GMAW and SAW welding. In-house CNC machining provides milling, turning and other services to the fabrication group.

19192 Hay Road, Unit F
Summerstown, Ontario, Canada
K0C 2E0

Phone#: (613) 931-9881
Fax#: (613) 931-2619

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